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Frequently Asked Question

LTE (Long Term Evolution) is a new generation of the broadband wireless mobile communication system. Different from the CDMA technology by adapted in 3G. LTE, OFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiple access), and MIMO (multiple inputs multiple output antenna) technologies as the basis. The spectrum efficiency is 2~3 times that of 3G enhanced technology. LTE contains both FDD and TDD standards. LTE’s enhanced technology (LTE-Advance) is the fourth generation mobile communication standard recognized by ITU.

Multiple-input multiple-output technology refers to the use of multiple transmit and multiple receive antennas for spatial diversity.

Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) antennas set up two or more antennas in one physical enclosure for use in IEEE 802.11n/ac Wi-Fi networks. Through the use of multiple antennas, MIMO antennas can achieve higher throughput and transmission distance than a single antenna at the same radio transmit power. In addition, MIMO antennas improve link reliability and reduce fading compared to single-antenna systems. MIMO antennas also increase wireless capacity because multiple data streams are transmitted at the same time.

4G communication technology bases on the previous 2G and 3G communication technology, to which some new technologies have added, making the signal of wireless communication more stable, and also increasing the data transmission rate, and the compatibility is also smoother and the communication quality is also higher. The technology used in 4G communication is also more advanced than 2G and 3G communication, making information communication faster.

If you live in rural and suburban where the far distance from cell towers, you may meet data transmission rate is slow. or at residential and commercial buildings where surround obstructions such as trees, hills, and other houses that block their line of sight, you may have experienced mobile signals is bad as weak coverage or “dead spots.”

How to solve this problem?

To strengthen your 4G connection signal stability, improve the transmission rate fast, great to install a 4g antenna (whether indoor or outdoor 4G antenna).


OFDM, MIMO, Intelligent Wireless Technology and SDR.

1, The communication is faster and flexible. 2, The network frequency range is wider. 3, The intelligent performance is higher. 4, The compatibility is smoother. 5, To provides a variety of value-added services. 6, Achieve higher quality multimedia communications. 7, The use of frequency is more efficient. 8, The communication costs are cheaper.