High-Quality 4G LTE Directional Panel Antenna

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Specification – 003

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Frequency Range698~806MHz/824~894MHz/925~960MHz/1710~1785MHz/
Gain2 x 22dBi
Polarization Typehorizontal/Vertical
Maximum Input Power25W
Input Impedance50 Ohms
Connector Type2x FME Female /SMA Male /N Male/N Female
Cable TypeRG58(best)100% cooper  
Cable Length2 x 0.2cm
Size21 x 21 x 2.5cm

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Professional 4G Outdoor Antenna Manufacturer 

Wireless Internet has revolutionized the 21st-century market. It becomes an indispensable part of today’s social life and economic development and is closely related to the lives and work of each of us. We watch movies, listen to music, communicate with family. The internet gives us unlimited possibilities.
You may suffer from data transfer that making our working slow or watching movies keep buffering.

How does fast data transfer let us enjoy work and life?
4G LTE DUAL antenna from huayuin will improve the quality of data transmission to your devices.

The medium size X antenna is portable for outdoor or indoor installation. This 4g MiMo antenna provides a gain of up to 14dBi for a wide working frequency range. It is a universal client for LTE bands like LTE700/800/1800/1900/2100/2300/2600.

The 4G technology (also named LTE) provides enormously high speeds of wireless data transmission. However, as is so common in wireless networks,
residential and commercial buildings often experience weak coverage or “dead spots.” These can be due to distance from cell towers or obstructions such as trees, hills, and other buildings that block their line of sight. Or in rural and suburban where the mobile signal is weak. Using this high gain 4G directional antenna can solve these kinds of problems.

Panel antennas are directional and are effective if installed toward the cell tower.
Each antenna has a weatherproof ABS plastic and aluminum enclosure. Offer a series connector such SMA male, N-type, FME Female, or F N/Female connector to meet the different device. There are RG-58,4D-FB,5D-FB, LMR200, 400 types of coaxial cable to meet the different lengths of your choice to your LTE router or modem.

 The antenna is designed for mast, pole or wall handle installation.

With its high-performance gain, you get a stable 4G connection, even on extremely high distances. Due to the high signal amplification, the signal strength, signal stability, and transfer rate improve very clearly.
You will have potentially faster internet connections, a few dropped calls and many other benefits for work and entertainment.
Use this high-gain outdoor LTE antenna as a permanent signal-boosting solution.

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