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Frequently Asked Question

1, Big data development needs. With the increasing use of cell phone traffic. 4G network will become increasingly difficult to bear, so the transition to 5G is inevitable.

2, The development of the Internet of things needs. Internet of things era, networking devices will explode. Only 5G network can support millions of new connections.

3, New technology development needs. 5G low latency advantage, can fast the maturity of new technologies. such as autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, automatic translation, etc.

5G has the characteristics of ultra-high speed, ultra-low latency, and ultra-high density. Its download speed is dozens of times faster than 4G. Network latency will be lower. The number of device connections supported per square kilometer will be able to reach one million units.

5G can provide high speeds, low latency and massive capacity, offering the potential to change what you experience with your mobile device, and much more.

In healthcare, In education, in office, in entertainment, in travel. 5G network will bring a qualitative leap for our future life. all aspects of change will bring you unexpected convenient experience. Yet, all 5G application scenarios based on a stable and reliable 5G network to achieved. The stable 5G network is inseparable from the 5G antenna.

5G will use ‘massive’ MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) antennas. It have very large numbers of antenna elements or connections to send and receive more data.

It can use multiple spatial channels between multiple antennas in the transceiver system. Which transmit multiple mutually orthogonal data streams. thus improving data throughput and communication stability without increasing communication bandwidth. Massive MIMO technology takes this a step further by using hundreds of antenna units. To serve dozens of mobile terminals at the same time on the basis of limited time. And frequency resources, further improving data throughput and energy use efficiency.

The key technologies of 5G are Massive MIMO, Multi-access technology, ultra-dense networking technology, full spectrum technology, beamforming, D2D technology.

Beamforming is a signal processing technique that uses an array of sensors to send and receive signals in a directional manner. In layman’s terms, 4G is like an electric light. When the light is turned on, the “4G” light will cover a certain place whether it needs light or not, causing a waste of resources to a certain extent.

In 5G, in order to solve this waste of resources. the beam assignment technology is used to turn the 4G light into a “flashlight”. If the 5G “flashlight” is lit in a dark room, it will not make the whole room light up, but will seek specific It seeks coverage in the direction of demand.