5G Antennas

Increases the range, the signal strength and the transmission rate of your data connection with high performance 5G antenna.

5G 4G LTE Multiband MIMO Outdoor Antenna

New 4G 5G High Gain Directional Outdoor Antenna

Professional 4G 5G Antenna Manufacturer

Specializing in research, development, production, sales of 4G 5G antennas. Our company business has adhered to the principle of “Integrity, Credibility and Win-Win Success”. Work with us, you will get the Solutions.

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Frequently Asked Question

The fifth generation mobile communication technology is a new generation of broadband mobile communication technology with high speed, low latency and wide connection, achieve the interconnection of people, machines and things.

Three internationally defined standards for application scenarios,

1, eMBB(enhanced MobileBroadband). 2, mMTC(massive Machine Type Communications). 3, URLLC (Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications).

VR/AR, Ultra-high-definition video, Telematics, Networking drones, Telemedicine, Intelligent power, Brilliant factories, Smart security, Personal AI assistants, and Brilliant parks.