5G 4G LTE Multiband MIMO Outdoor Antenna

Main Advantages

  • New 3400 to 3800MHz, 5G band
  • Broadband, including the latest 3.5GHz bands
  • Dual Polarised

Specification –

Please check the following specifications to choose a suitable headset model

Frequency Range698~3800MHz
V.S.W.R2.0 MAX
Polarization TypeHorizontal/Vertical
Maximum Input Power50W
Impedance50 ohm
Vertical Beam width°8~15
Horizontal Beam width°30~80
Return Loss≥ 10 dB
HousingPP, White or Black

Product Images & Video

5G Outdoor Antenna Review

The antenna can be used universally and increases the range, the signal strength, and the transmission rate of your data connection with a performance gain of up to 20dbi.

It is an ultra-high gain, MiMo, 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G, directional and has an operating frequency of 698-960MHz, 1710-2700MHz, 2800-3800MHz (5G).

The rugged, weather-resistant housing is designed for wall and pole mounting. wall and mast mount brackets are provided.

It measures 470x250x20mm and is perfectly designed for the outdoors without any problems. It is suitable for almost all environments and weather conditions.

Provide a series of connector for both internal and external applications.

Offer ultra low loss coaxial cable such as RG58, 4D-FB, 5D-FB, LMR200, LMR400, etc. We recommend antenna type depend on the cable length you request.

For example, if you request antenna cable length 5m, RG58 or 4D-FB cable is ok. If the antenna cable requests 10m or 15m, it is the better 5D-FB cable which a high low loss.

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