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Qualcomm Technologies’ low-power Bluetooth audio SoCs and technology solutions are adopted by some of the world’s most recognizable audio brands.
Which high performance, SOC Technology, ultra-low power consumption, high-quality sound, high call definition, leading technology, good stability, personalized function customization.


  •  CVC8.0 noise canceling
  • aptX/aptX Adaptive
  • power dynamic balance
  • OTA
  • IE62368

Acoustic curve


Frequency respond


With a heritage in Bluetooth connectivity, RF, audio transmission, and power consumption, we can face our customer’s challenges in designing smaller, low-power, longer-lasting, more richly featured audio devices.

The original Pixart TWS Bluetooth 5.0 chip was released at the end of 2018. It included PAU1603 5X5MM and PAU1623 BGA 4X4MM. Supports seamless switching between master and slave, which can be used anytime. HD audio decoding. Smooth, no delay, no lag. Good anti-interference performance, compatible with IOS/multi-type Android mobile phone system. Support 3D sound effects, specially developed for TWS headsets. Support voice, support notification noise reduction, power consumption: ultra-low latency< 200ms. Working power consumption: 8ma built-in charging adjustable 5ma-400ma. There are many specific functions, this chip is a high-end product.

In early 2019, Airoda launched the first generation of AB1532 chip using MCSync technology. This solution has the advantages of being more stable, supporting a high-resolution audio stream, low latency, more balanced binaural power consumption, and applicable to various mobile phone platforms. At the same time, MCSync technology supports multiple speakers connection. In mid-2019, Airoda launched the more mature AB1536 chip with excellent performance and all technical indicators are on par with AirPods. 

The new earphones are released recently in our factory, using Airoha’s latest 156x chip. We have made many innovations on the TWS truly wireless Bluetooth headset. In the square inch, we ensure the sound quality, take into account the noise reduction, but also consider the battery life. After comparing multiple chips, Airoha 156x chip is small in size, multi-functional, simple in peripherals, and can be flexibly adapted to various molds. At the same time, it is overwhelming and high in transmission efficiency. It is valued by HUAYUIN headphones and continues to reach depth with Airoha Technology Cooperation.

The release of AirPods Pro once again led to the TWS trend. Everyone turns their attention to the combination of TWS + ANC (active noise reduction) but ignores the part of call noise reduction. For TWS headsets, compared to the ANC function, call noise reduction is the real rigid need. For TWS headsets with insufficient call function, the additional ANC function will also be tasteless, which is a pity.

ANC: Active noise cancellation 
ENC: Environment noise cancellation 
DSP: Digital signal processing 
CVC: Clear voice capture

Realtek RTL8773B is an active noise reduction Bluetooth 5 dual-mode audio single chip. It is suitable for Bluetooth smart headset solutions. In addition to supporting the latest Bluetooth specifications. It also supports the Hybrid ANC architecture, maintaining the advantages of ultra-low power consumption for listening and calling. To assist manufacturers to upgrade audio products achieves characteristic Hi-Res (high-resolution, high-definition) sound quality. It vastly enhances consumers’ music listening experience.

Realtek RTL8773B supports digital reverberation ANC, with a noise reduction effect of up to 40Db. When the Hybrid ANC is turned on, the power consumption is less than 1Ma. It supports on-the-fly and seamless master-slave switching in the charging box. It can be switched seamlessly to pair two headphones once.