At present, there are various types of earphones on the market. According to their functions and scenarios, earphones can be divided into HiFi earphones, sports earphones, noise reduction earphones, gaming headsets, etc.

The first three are all subdivided types of music headsets. Gaming headsets are headset auxiliary peripherals customized for gaming games.

Are gaming headsets good for music? Or Can music headphones be used for gaming? Which one is suitable for me?

Many people will ask such questions when they plan to buy headphones.In the following sections you’ll find the main features that difference of music and gaming headphones. Read the entire comparison guide and you’ll be better equipped to buy the headphones that are a good match for your specific needs.


Gaming headsets are designed as audio peripherals for e-sports. The perfect audio and low-frequency sound effects are stressed more. Gaming headsets have high sensitivity. Which can capture more truly sound in games and improve the accuracy of game sound.

Music earphones are mainly for entertainment. You can hear music, call with family, friend or business. High, medium, and low frequencies performance is balanced, which can bring a purer sound experience.

2, Surround Sound:

As a Gamer, when got a detailed sound, you can hear everything going on, like the foot noise of your enemy, the number of people, thus allowing you to identify from which direction they are going to attack.

At this time, headsets not only distinguish the various sound effects in the game environment. But also high required sound quality for voice calls.

Therefore, many manufacturers are hotly pushing the 5.1 and 7.1 multi-channel technology. Sound effects are more realistic in the current mainstream games.  If you compare it with the two-channel music headphones, multi-channel can increase the sense of presence in the game, solve the demand for sound positioning, and allow players to play better in games.

The 5.1-channel system is composed of 5 speakers and a low-frequency speaker. The sound is output in five directions: left, center, right, rear left, and rear right. The sought-after 7.1-channel system is more abundant. 7.1 channels into virtual 7.1 channels and physical 7.1 channels. Because of the characteristics of virtual 7.1, it is much more accurate in orientation than physical 7.1. but from the perspective of space, physical 7.1 channels are more realistic.

On the market, most of the mainstream gaming headsets use virtual 7.1 channels. Because of the low cost for production and debugging, a virtual one is much cheaper than a physical one. But the current channel simulation technology is very mature to meet the requirement of players.

Music headphones only do the left and right channels. It will not simulate multiple channels. It needs to show the level of music, vocals, instruments, and scene sense.

Gaming headsets aren’t required to reflect all the high-quality frequencies of high, middle, and low. Even often suppress low frequency, let games hear more high-frequency signals. That is better understand the surrounding environment.

In addition to multi-channel technology, gaming headsets can also increase the player’s immersion. For exciting and shocking effects, generally, enhance the sound effects.

Sound quality and high reproduction are the most important things for music headphones. Not only Stresses adjusting the volume of sound, the connection of high, middle, and low frequencies, and the resolution of the sound. But also pays more attention to the details of the sound, and the tiny sound is perceived.

As a derivative product of the headset in the gaming field. For sacrificing part of the sound quality to achieve certain specific functions. Such headsets are no longer suitable for listening to music, especially high-frequency music. Gaming headsets provide sounds that are more superior and crisp clear. They also offer a richer, deeper, and more accurate bass.

3, Noise Reduction Microphones:

Another feature that gaming headsets apart from music headphones is the noise reduction microphone.

Communication and coordination are great fun for you in the games. You get to warn each other about the enemy’s location so they can watch out. Teamwork will ensure maximum cooperation to increase your chances of winning the game. With noise reduction function, you can avoid interference from environmental sounds. The material of the microphone should be suitable for bending, close to the mouth. It also can be folded or retracted to avoid hindering yourself when not in use.

4, Light design

To mate playing game, many peripheral products like to design lights to make the products cooler. Such as various RGB keyboards, headsets. Players can set their lighting effects. The intensity and brightness of the light will change accordingly with the volume of the headset. There is a feeling of being integrated with the headset, and the sense of immersion is deep strong.

5, Breathable Ear Padding Designed For Comfort

As a gamer, battle, winning streak, losing streak, and go on games. You are spending up to 12 hours while gaming is not unusual. That is why you require Gaming headsets that are superior comfort. It depends on the softness of the headband and earcups. And the overall pressure on the headband and the breathability of the earcups.

Tight-fitting ear cups will only cause pain due to pressure build-up. So ear cups must provide a comfortable fit.

Most ear cups are constructed with memory foam. The slow rebound characteristics not only ensure the sealing and comfort of the earphone when wearing it but also have sufficient support.

Thanks to the passive noise-cancellation feature, the close ear cups lock in most of the sound, preventing interference from ambient noise. Therefore, you can concentrate on the game and not have to think about anything else.

The headband should neither be too tight nor too loose. You feel pain if the headband is too tight. It is easy to fall off if too loose. The best thing is that Gaming headsets have enough flexibility, headband sizes can adjust. It makes you maximum comfort even during long gaming sessions. 

6, Bulky:

Gaming headphones are an over-ear format. With steel headband foam earcups, mic boom, RGB light adds bulk too. However, this shouldn’t be a problem because you use gaming headphones on the way to work or at the gym. Whereas it’s advantageous for music headphones, specially TWS earbuds are small and light. You can use them at home, office, travel, etc.

The above are the core functional differences between music headsets and gaming headsets. For playing games, their main differences are:

First of all, they are of two different types of use. Gaming headsets aren’t the same durable as sound quality of music headsets. But their present experience, the accuracy of sound, and communication of microphone are better than music headphones.

Secondly, if you use music earphones (especially HIFI earphones) to play games, you must additionally configure HIFI platforms and buy independent gaming microphones. The front-end purchase cost is high, which is not a good performance.

Finally, the gaming headset has a built-in multi-channel system. It adjusts the EQ of the gaming software by default. The game sound is more accurate, the picture and sound effects are richer and shocking. These are difficult for music headsets to achieve.

Can music headphones be used for gaming?

Music headphones have the potential for gaming. You need to equip with a variety of additional front-end equipment if you want to play excellently in the game. It is troublesome to operate and not very cost-effective.

In short, gaming headsets have a high capability of accurately capturing sounds and grasping distances. Especially in CS, FPS, and TPS games, you can good at catch omnidirectional sound (human voices, gunshots, and footsteps) positions, control distance from the enemy’s location.

With top-notch PCs, consoles, audio equipment, and other gaming essentials, you’re bound to enjoy better graphics, unrivaled sound quality, fully immersed in the game to ensure maximum enjoyment.

As long as you are a hardcore game player, a pair of high-quality gaming headsets is essential.

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