Bluetooth is a wireless transmission technology. It allows us to get rid of the shackles of cables and enjoy the convenience brought by wireless. A Bluetooth headset brings us to make calls, watch videos and listen to music. Our team went through multiple studies and reviews on the internet, developed different solutions for Bluetooth Earbuds available on the market.

What is a Bluetooth Headset?

Bluetooth earphones work in a single ear or both ears. Two-way communication mediums are provided between you and your phone. You can speak to another person through the mic by the Bluetooth earphone and hear them through the earpiece. The best headsets can even be used to communicate in noisy areas. The phone and the headset connect wirelessly via Bluetooth.  

How Does a Bluetooth Headset Work?

Bluetooth earphones were developed instead of wires. They transmit audio signals from phone to earphones through wireless connectivity. Usually, they should be charged and turned on before the user connects them to the phone. If two devices pair, Bluetooth should be turned on in the phone, and it should be discoverable.

Bluetooth headsets are among the best inventions today. Whenever you receive a call and do not want to hold your phone to your ear, you can only press the answer button on the headset. You will then be able to communicate effectively with the person on the other end of the line with your hand free. You can listen to the songs or receive the call when doing hone work.

What Types of Bluetooth Headsets Are there?

  • In-ear headsets with ear hooks, this suitable for people who perform activities and involve a lot of movement.
  • Over-ear headphones, which are suitable for immobile people who work on the desk.
  • Pop-in in-ear headsets, which are designed to be inserted and removed from the ear regularly.

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Why are the current 5.0 earphones around 10 meters?

Then some friends have asked: Isn’t Bluetooth 5.0 capable of transmitting 300 meters? Why are the current 5.0 earphones are about 10 meters?

In June 2016, the Bluetooth Technology Alliance officially announced the Bluetooth 5.0 standard. The official statement is Bluetooth 5 (literally translated as Bluetooth 5). So this generation is called Bluetooth 5.0 is not very accurate. It said that because the previous naming method is more confusing Publicity. The bandwidth (transmission speed) of Bluetooth 5 is significantly improved. From 1Mbps to 2Mbps, people increased the transmission distance by four times (the 75 meters of Bluetooth 4.2 increased by 300 meters).

The Bluetooth transmission distance is related to the device and the technology.

Another essential decision point of the Bluetooth headset is the transmission distance. It is not dependent on the Bluetooth version but depends on the Bluetooth technology. In theory, the Bluetooth 5.0 standard can reach 300 meters, and the Bluetooth 4.2 standard can reach 75 meters. But it involves power standards.

Most mobile phones and mobile devices now use Class B (Class 2), with a standard transmission distance of 10 meters. While the high-power Class A (Class 1) increases the transmission distance to 100-300 meters, and both versions support the A2DP Stereo transmission protocol that is interconnected with stereo headphones. Generally speaking, the distance between the mobile phone and the Bluetooth headset will not be too far. If there is no vast obstacle in the middle, the transmission quality is very well within 7 meters, and there will be a breakpoint of more than 8 meters! The connection will be lost if more than 10 meters between the devices.

What is the difference between Class A (Class1) and Class B (Class2)?

Class 1 is used in high-power/long-distance Bluetooth products. Because of high cost and high power consumption, it is not suitable for personal communication products (mobile phones/Bluetooth headsets/Bluetooth Dongle, etc.). So it is a majority of use in some businesses, for special purposes, the Class distance of 5.0 is 300 meters. The specific range depends on the design power of the product.

Class 2 is currently the most popular standard, and the communication distance is about 8~30M. Depending on the product design (some 15-30 meters are defined as Class 1.5 by the developers). That is widely used in mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth Dongle personal communication products. which have relatively small power consumption and volume. It is convenient to carry.

Generally, low-power devices use class 2. That is why the current Bluetooth 5.0 devices are usually about 10 meters. The same is 10 meters, but Bluetooth 5.0 has more advantages over 4.2. Bluetooth 5.0 has twice timed the speed, four times the range, and eight times the data transmission volume of the previous version. In addition, Bluetooth 5.0 also adds an auxiliary function for indoor positioning. Combined with Wi-Fi, it can achieve indoor positioning with an accuracy of less than 1 meter, with lower power consumption and longer use time.

But for Bluetooth headsets, regardless of true wireless TWS or ordinary Bluetooth headsets, there is not much difference in audio data between versions. The final sound quality mainly depends on the encoding supported by Bluetooth.

When we buy Bluetooth earphones, we often see encodings that support SBC, AAC, aptX, etc. What do these encodings mean? What is the difference?

1、SBC(Sub-band coding)

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2、AAC(Advanced Audio Coding)

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5、HWA(HiRes Wireless Audio)

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The above is the current code supported by Bluetooth. It is very definite how to choose the headset. If you are using Apple devices, no doubt, choose Apple’s AirPods series or marked to support AAC, support Apple’s third-party headset products. And if it’s an Android phone, you buy headphones that support aptX or LADC encoding, but of course, you also need to confirm that your phone supports what kind of encoding output.

Which headphones is good-quality sound?

Those are big misconceptions that many people feel the bass is heavier, the more rumbling headphones are better of sound quality. It is high-end, sounds more powerful and exciting, special mega bass headphones and audio sources to deep bass sound are the senior goods.

The cost of mega bass is that it will lose many sound details, which belongs to the tuner’s design problems. Especially the overall sound distortion will cause more power, the distorted sound will let you hear in the end which sound, recognition will have deviations so that there will be a lot of so-called high-fidelity headphones.

Mega bass will make people hear a lot of sound details and the acoustic field is low performance. Acoustic field means the feeling on-site, can distinguish, and even close your eyes when listening as if you can “see” as if the sound source, location, etc. There is a sense of immersion. If the pursuit of mega bass that will bring a lot of sound details lost, the scene is not accurate.

The sound quality of the headphones, first of all, is to be Equalization. That is to say, even when playing many instruments, complex music is not annoying to listen to, not disturbed, sounds calm. The best way to judge is to wear headphones to listen to songs that make you comfortable and unconscious to fall asleep. The good-sound quality and equalization headphones let you relaxed, happy, not easy to produce fatigue.

Which different solution wireless Bluetooth earbuds in our company?

There are many types of solutions Bluetooth earbuds, QCC, CSR, Pixart, Airoha, Bluetrum, Actions, Jieli, etc wired and wireless, for sports, gaming, meeting, work, travel to meet different customer request.

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