Since 1937, the “headphone” product has a history of more than 80 years. In the beginning, cinema technology is using in personal audio products. Earphones have derived different forms and served in many fields.

With the advancement of science and technology, more and more wireless headsets flood the market. TWS earbuds without wire, small and light. You found that the gaming headsets used by most professional players are wired. Why so many gamers still use wired headphones? Not earbuds?

Mobile games are booming now. But the console game is more advantageous about maturity and playability. Not only has richer content, more realistic graphics, but also better sound quality. Support 7.1 channel output, to further enhance the immersion of the game.

1, Why are headphones ? not earbuds?

The sound-producing component of the earphone is called the unit. The diaphragm in the earphone unit vibrates to produce sound, which transmits by our ears. The larger the size of the unit, the more relaxed and natural the low-frequency sound it can emit. The highest requirement for gaming headsets is the low-frequency sound effect. As a result, earplugs can only fit a small unit excluded from the optional range of gaming headsets.

The 7.1 surround sound capabilities combined with a 50mm speaker give you the ability to hear enemy footsteps far further away and with far more precision. The earbuds without this advantage.

2, Wired headphones without sound transmission delay

Wireless headphones need the audio to be encoded and sent to them before it plays and, along with possible outside interference. How to reduce the Bluetooth headphone’s sound transmission delay? It makes people are suffering from headaches.

Wired headphones receive their audio frequency directly through the cable. The physical audio connection means it’s easier for manufacturers to deliver perfect sound quality. For this reason, sound traveling through a wired headset is clearly and less prone to interference.

3, Wired headphones without battery

Connect with a 3.5 mm jack. Wired headphones aren’t required batteries as they draw power from the device. You can enjoy the endless game without stop and recharge at any point.

Most wireless headphones use lithium-ion batteries to ensure good use-time. If you forget to charge them, or for some reason, you play video games for more than 3 to 4 hours, then this can be an interruption to your experience.

4, With Noise-canceling adjustable Microphone

Not only providing virtual surround sound but also communicates smoothly with a teammate in games. It is related to microphone size, design, and function, and better sound transmission stability.

Like K20 has two independent microphones. A 360° omnidirectional microphone is located on the outside left earcup. With ENC noise reduction technology to cancels any background noise in the room. Crystal clear communication with your teammates achieved.

Coming from a fully rotational flexible arm, you can find the perfect position for the microphone to pick up speech without any heavy breathing. You can stay the arm at the exact you leave it in as it has uniquely reinforced.  When not needed, the microphone arm can also be raised vertically away and out of your field of view.

5, Less expensive

With wired advantage, manufacturers developed an excellent user experience at a low cost, Support virtual 7.1 surround sound, achieve audio customization by the driver. It takes high performance at the same price compared to wireless headphones. They are also going to provide better audio quality for a competitive price.

6, Weight light

Wireless headphones have a built-in battery, wireless transmission module, and other equipment. In the case of a similar design, they will be much heavier than wired ones. Facing the monitor for a long time will put a burden on your shoulders and necks. Overweight earphones will make your health worse and may cause spine problems. Many manufacturers have also noticed. They began to use lighter materials on the wired headsets or reduce materials.

Wireless headphones provide better freedom of movement, can play on travel, walk around and talk on the phone. Give you a range of flexibility to move the game equipment to the living room or any different room. Stand, sit, squat, lying down any posture on the floor or bed. You don’t worry about core bending or breaking anymore.

Wireless headphones are better for other activities such as working out or listening to music while traveling.

So, which one is better? Objectively, neither is necessarily superior to the other, and it entirely comes down to your needs and preferences.

The subject of wired vs wireless headphones, in general, is a broad topic, but if you like hooking up your PC to a TV or use consoles as your gaming platform of choice, then wireless might be a better choice.

On the other hand, if you play gaming or attend a professional e-ports race, we’d recommend sticking to wired headsets. The combination of impressive visuals and high-quality sound quality takes your gaming experience to a whole new level.