Bone Conduction Headphones

The two aspects of sport and music go hand in hand to become a complete personality. Sport can exercise the body also music can cultivate the spirit. It is good that listen to music with bone-conduction headphones while in sports.

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Frequently Asked Question

The medium of sound transmission includes solids, liquids, and air. Sound waves are transmitted into the human inner ear in two ways: air conduction and bone conduction.
Air conduction is that sound waves are through the auricle and external auditory canal to the middle ear. Then through the hearing chain to the inner ear.
Bone conduction is the vibration of sound waves through the bones of the head, such as the skull and jawbone, to transmit sound to the inner ear. Bone conduction is another essential way of hearing apart from the airborne transmission. People have used this method to create many bone conduction hearing devices.

Traditional headphones mainly transmit sound through air. Bone conduction headphones convey sound with the help of the temporal bone in the head. Eventually, sound directly to the auditory nerve in the form of sound waves. It is no longer needs to transmit through the air to the eardrum first, and then reach our auditory nerve.

1, You can not only listening to music but also can able to hear the sound of your surroundings by bone conduction headphones. So that not let you be in the “ear blind” state, especially in outdoor sports. “open ear listening” can avoid a dangerous emerge, which is currently the most respected bone conduction headphones advantage.

2, Since bone conduction sports headphones do not require the use of both ears, they also bring some health benefits. Because bone conduction headphones do not put earbuds in a person’s ears, they can keep the inside of the ear canal clean and hygienic. At the same time, bone conduction headphones have a smooth surface and are easy to clean, while traditional air conduction headphones tend to deposit bacteria inside.

1, If you pursuit the ultimate sound quality experience, then bone conduction headphones are not for you. Because bone conduction headphones are open, there is no way to form a “sealed acoustic resonance cavity” like in-ear and headband headphones. So it will lead to some channels, especially the loss of low frequencies.

2, If you like running or cycling, or even like swimming, then bone conduction headphones are well worth buying. Bone conduction does not stuff into the ear, will not affect your judgment of the surrounding environment body sound, more secure.

3, If you want to protect your hearing or your hearing has some damage, then bone conduction headphones are more suitable for you.

Bone conduction headphones first appeared in 1935, when Edgar Hand first began to equip patients with bone conduction headphones to help them hear what was around them. Later bone conduction was gradually incorporate into the scope of medical research until the early 21st century. It became a consumer electronic product known to the world at large.

Even earlier use of bone conduction is said to be why the composer Beethoven was able to compose music after he lost his hearing, supposedly by trying out the technique used by Giovanni Filippo. Filippo Ingrassia. Ingrassia invented a technology that allowed him to hear music from his jawbone by biting on a stick attached to a piano.

In addition, headphones will breed a large number of bacteria after using for a while. It may increase the risk of otitis media disease if not cleaning in time. How to clean up headphones in daily life?

First, prepare a few medical alcohols, use a cotton cloth dipped in alcohol to wipe all the thin wires of the headphones. And use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to repeatedly rub the earbuds.
Doctors recommend that it is best to disinfect after using the headset 2-3 times. Especially the earbud part, disinfection to lightly tug the wired headphones, so as not to damage the headset with too much force. If you do not use the headset, it is best to organize the wired headset smoothly. Not only to use the convenience of unfolding next time but also to reduce the damage to the headset because of the headset wire entanglement.