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Hands-free business earphones with noise canceling microphone is best for driving/business/office, especially for truckers.

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Frequently Asked Question


HFP (Hands-free Profile), allow Bluetooth devices to control the phone, such as answer, hang up, reject, voice dialing, etc. Rejection, voice dialing depends on the Bluetooth headphones and phone support, a settable mode to allow Bluetooth headphones to enter high-fidelity calls.

A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile), is able to use the headphones inside chip to stack data to achieve high definition of sound.

However, not support A2DP headset is Bluetooth stereo headset, stereo sound to achieve the basic requirements of dual-channel, so mono Bluetooth headset is not able to achieve stereo sound.

The sound can reach 44.1kHz, while Ordinary headphones can only attain 8kHz. If the phone supports Bluetooth, you can use A2DP headphones as long as the A2DP protocol is loaded.

Describes how the Bluetooth headphones communicates with a computer or other Bluetooth device such as a cell phone. Once connected and configured, the headset can act as an audio input and output interface for remote devices.

This is the most commonly used configuration for current support of Bluetooth headphones and cell phone.

AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile), also known as audio/video remote control specification.

AVRCP is designed to provide a standard interface for controlling TVs, Hi-Fi devices, etc.
This profile is used to license a single remote control device (or other devices) to control all A/V devices to which the user has access. It can be used in conjunction with A2DP or VDP.