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Huayuin OEM gaming headset with mic A6

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Huayuin Multi-platform Wired Esports Headset K20

Huayuin Gaming headphones with microphone K5A

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Huayuin Wired Over Ear Headphones for Gaming K5

Huayuin RGB over-ear gaming headsets A8

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Frequently Asked Question

For professional e-sports players, the game is a love career. For the public, the game is a favorite hobby or a way to relax. We all know that professional e-sports play the game by using professional gaming headsets,  gaming headsets are not only one of the peripherals required for gaming, but a big help for the player to win a game.

We have noticed that pro-gamers wear two or three headsets while playing in the E-sport tournament. Why?

In-ear headphones are using for gaming sound and voice from a teammate.

Over-ear headphones with noise canceling are using to isolate the sound from the outside world. For the nature of the FPS competition, in the early will add a soundproof booth. It is using to prevent the audience from making noise to affect the players. However, the soundproof booth is not very effective, so the current soundproof booth has rarely used. The professional players will wear noise-canceling gaming headsets include a microphone.

The third headphone on the neck is an advertisement from Sponsor.

With the rapid growth of the game industry, online games and e-sports are growing more and faster.
With this brings the peripheral industry is also booming. The game peripheral accessories are a part of the game industry, such as a mouse, keyboard, headphones, etc., has become necessary equipment for gamer.
However, there are USB interfaces and a 3.5mm jack of gaming headsets in the market. 3.5mm jack gaming headsets are more common. USB interface gaming headset is the type that has become popular in the past two years, and its products have a built-in USB sound card, which can be used as stand-alone audio while also enabling different kinds of functions.
However, in the face of two kinds of gaming headsets, how do we choose? Or is it that gaming headsets have gone to the USB era?
Which is more powerful, USB interface or 3.5mm jack?
1, Connect
Although it says that the headset with a 3.5mm jack has no obstacles in the connection process, and it is faster. But the USB gaming headset now also a driver-free direct identification, and the identification process does not take more than half a minute. But this half-minute wait for the effect of the external sound card is still well worth it. However, you achieve a USB gaming headset diversity sound still needs to install any additional driver. At this point, it is to be an extra step. But this is a once and for all installation and will only be installed once.
2, Function
In terms of functionality, the USB interface plays a key role. For example, K1H can be customized through the built-in program to achieve the number of channels set, channel position settings and even microphone effects, etc., very operable.
3.5mm jack gaming headsets by the computer built-in sound card to change. LED light achieve by USB.
3, Sound
Under the same platform, a USB gaming headset can respond to the needs of movies, games, etc. By changing the effect of 7.1 channel, dual-channel, etc. With the sense of positioning in the game, the sound card designed for gaming is often more properly optimized. Traditional 3.5mm gaming headset can only rely on the quality of the unit to improve the sound quality.

Electronic Sports (Electronic Sports) is a sport in which video game competition reaches the level of “competition.” Electronic sports is the use of electronic devices as sports equipment, the combination of intellectual and physical competition between people. Through e-sports, it can exercise and improve the participants’ thinking ability, reaction ability, limb coordination, and willpower, cultivate team spirit, and professional e-sports also have high requirements for physical strength. E-sports is also a profession, similar to chess and other non-electronic game competitions. The electronic device include monitor ,keyboard, mouse and gaming headsets etc.

In general, it depends on your sound card or what you use to watch the movie. If you are watching the movie with a computer, sound card, or player, or what you can find virtual multi-channel sound software, then the effect will be better with music headphones. If you watch movies on the equipment itself that does not support virtual multi-channel, then it is with a game headset with its virtual multi-channel technology that works better. In a word, in general, it depends on whether you can get good virtual multi-channel technical support.

Yes, the three elements of playing a game: listening to the sound of identification, skill, visual. If it lacks one of three, you can not be the official player of this game. But less even one, you are not be experienced players.
Almost all games have footsteps. It is easy to pinpoint accurate sound positioning by gaming headsets in games. You can capture footsteps and judge the sound direction easier, feel the full force of an explosion, a grenade blast. How to attack, how to escape, how to defeat, how to communicate with your teammate to win the games. Perfect for various games like PUBG, FPS, Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft Legion, etc.