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Listen to music comfortably with Huayuin’s Neckband Headphone, providing the latest technology to deliver incredible audio. Take all your tunes on the go with Bluetooth connectivity, these neckband headphones are stylish and functional.

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Frequently Asked Question

Many friends like to listen to music while exercising. Not only reduce fatigue but also will be in a relaxed mood. The human body in the mechanical movement of the time to shift the attention, fatigue is reduced.

Usually, when Bluetooth transmits signals, it needs to go through a series of links such as compression and packaging, wireless transmission, decompression, and digital-to-analog conversion (DAC). In this process, Bluetooth wireless transmission is the speed of light with no problem of delay. The digital-to-analog conversion itself is relatively fast and is not the main reason for the Bluetooth delay. The codec is different. Bluetooth audio coding protocol for sound data compression processing, the time consumed is the most, which the complex algorithm also allows Bluetooth to spend most of the delay time here.

Up to now, Bluetooth technology has not achieved zero latency. The delay time can continuously reduce through various technologies to reduce the delay time to the extent that people’s ears can not directly recognize.

Of course, NO. People who seek ultra-low latency for Bluetooth headphones will achieve faster transmission speed by reducing audio data transmission. It will damage the sound quality. That’s the reason why many manufacturers do not develop low-latency Bluetooth headsets.

First of all, the advantage of these headphones is that, after wearing them, you may not need to take them off all day except for showering and sleeping. When you don’t need to use it, you only need to take the earbuds off and not worry about losing them.

Since you don’t have to do anything on small earphones, the neck part can accommodate a larger battery and complex circuitry, and the battery life will be longer. The shape design, hang neck also have more patterns.

As opposed to traditional mono, “stereo” was the name given to dual-channel audio systems when they first came out.
The concept of “stereo” is the use of multi-microphone positioning recording technology. Sound divided into two “phase” recording, restoration using the left and right speakers to play sound, this is dual-channel. Dual-channel creates a flat sound field (mainly left and right), the high-fidelity system can also show a certain degree of “depth” effect, so that we can get a “sense of life” when listening, so it is also called “stereo.”
With the development of technology, 2.1, 5.1, 16, 32-channel audio systems have emerged, the concept of “stereo” has lost its original specific meaning, now the pursuit of “all-round,” “pro sense. ” Now the simple expression of the audio system is the “sound channel” composition characteristics, such as 2.1 subwoofer system, 5.1 Dolby surround sound system, 7.1 THX stereo surround home theater system.
You can still understand the separate term “stereo” means “dual-channel.”