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In your world, music is essential. On-ear Bluetooth headphones deliver pro-quality sound and performance.

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Frequently Asked Question

The over-ear & on-ear Bluetooth headphones do not need to go into the ear when wearing, so they will not cause ear pain due to long-term wearing, and can avoid ear canal abrasion, so headband headphones are very suitable for long time wearing.

1, High comfort 2, Good sound quality 3, Gaming enthusiasts preferred 4, Wearing firm 5, Winter warmth 6, Fashionable appearance.

1, You don’t rush to use them when getting the Bluetooth headphones. To charge first because the Bluetooth headset may be placed over a while with insufficient power after factory. There will be disconnected, the use of poor performance, etc. It will also shorten the life of the Bluetooth earbuds. Generally, to use after charging for 2 hours.

2,To use after charging. The first is to boot. The premise is to determine the Bluetooth headset in the shutdown state. To press the button of Bluetooth headset for about 8 seconds, remember, is about 8 seconds, do not let go in the middle, see the light if the light is always on or blue and red lights alternately flashing, prove that the Bluetooth headset as well as in the waiting for the pairing state, which is the Bluetooth headset can be searched out by the phone. If you see the blue light in the Blinking, it means power-on, which can not be searched for by the phone this time. This point is very critical!

3, Take out the phone, find the Bluetooth function from settings, and turn it on. Search for the name of the Bluetooth headset device time is about 5 seconds, then search your phone to find the corresponding. The new version smartphone’s Bluetooth version can directly pair without entering the password. Some cell phone pairing can not use properly, do not rush, many Bluetooth headsets to this step or can not be used, re-connect according to the above steps. Note: To open the audio if setting some cell phones, otherwise, Bluetooth headset instantly connected, but no sound).

4, When the Bluetooth first power off or even automatically shut down, it is time to re-charge the Bluetooth headset. Bluetooth headset which just bought charging time is generally in about 2-3 hours. Bluetooth headset comes with an indicator. When on charging, the red light is on. The red light is off if enough. You have to unplug the charger in time if overcharge to avoid damage and extend the use of the battery time.

Many friends don’t know how to maintain the Bluetooth headphones after buying it? Sometimes because you do not pay too much attention, resulting in your beloved Bluetooth headphones problems or even affect your use? In fact, not only the Bluetooth headphone needs to be maintained, many others need to be maintained. To keep maintain, not only increase the operation life, but also can be good low sound quality effect lasting use, and the battery life can also be longer. So proper attention to the maintenance of Bluetooth headphone knowledge and very necessary.

1, To turn off the headset first before the phone into the pocket or bag. That is to avoid accidentally press the earphone function key.
2, not put the headset into a wet or too cold position. Washing hands to dry before touching the phone.
3, the headset is afraid of cold and heat. Not exposed it to the sun or put the headset in a place where the temperature is too high. The high temperature will shorten the life of electronic parts, damage the battery. The best storage temperature is -10 ° to 60 °.
4, avoid strong impact and contact with sharp objects and do not try to disassemble the product, do not use strong chemicals, cleaning agents to clean the headset. The above tossing headphones can not afford to hurt.
Avoid proximity to sources of fire.
6, the charging time does not exceed 10 hours. Many people will let the headset charging at night when they sleep and plug the charger within 10 hours. It will shorten the life of the headset. Also, do not use other chargers to avoid causing danger.

It is generally best to turn off to charge. Remember not to use Lithium batteries to lose power or do not use them up completely. When the battery power off to charge, which affects the battery life. Turn Off earphones to charge, which can very much extend the life of the battery. Generally, Bluetooth headset charging time is about 2-3 hours!