Portable indoor outdoor Digital HD Antenna for DVB-T Television DAB Radio

Main Advantages

  • High gain and low noise amplifier
  • Receiving the VHF UHF TV full signal
  • AV/DV power supply
  • Powered by a digital TV receiver
  • Also suitable for analogue TV
  • To be installed and convenience to use


Please check the following specifications to choose a suitable headset model.

Receive RangeUHF/VHF/FM
Frequency Range40~862MHz
UHF Gain30dBi
VHF Gain38dBi
Maximum output level95dBu
Input VoltageAC220V/50Hz

Product Images & Video

Amplified indoor TV Antenna Manufacturer/Factory from China

There’s only one-time purchase of TV Aerial, no more monthly bills!  

Small, compact and lightweight, the GX-028 TV Aerial is for the portable Digital Television specialists. It is an aerial designed specifically for Digital Reception. With a standard coaxial connection, it can be easily used with almost any portable or Living Room Television set.

With virtually no assembly, local news, weather forecast and sitcoms, kids and sports programs are always your choices. Ideal for urban and suburban areas, receive clear broadcasting in bedrooms, lofts and caravans.

Ultrasonic welding, waterproof

Supports all sensidi rotation ideal for receiving horizontal or vertical

SMT circuit, special reception digital TV or HD

High gain 38dbi and low noise amplifier is assembled inside.VHF UHF TV full signal are receiving. With AV/DV power supply, it can powered by a digital tv receiver. Easy to install and convenience to use which suitable for analogue TV.

How to install an indoor TV antenna ?

Great! Install indoor TV antenna is very simple, let me introduce you:

What kind of type antenna do you need?

Different indoor antennas offer different ranges, frequencies and features. The type of antenna you need will depend on your location and the channels you want to receive. Choose our GX-028 amplified indoor TV antenna optimised for full HD digital TV (DVB-T/T2, DTT, TNT) and DAB radio.

Where should an indoor antenna be placed?

Place the antenna in a spot close to the TV and facing the direction of the broadcast tower. You can also experiment with different locations to see which spot provides the best reception. Avoid placing the antenna near electronics or wireless devices that may cause interference.

How to connect the antenna?

Connect the coaxial cable from the antenna to the TV’s ‘ANT IN’ port. If you have a coaxial splitter, connect the antenna to the splitter and connect the splitter to the TV.

How to Scan for channels?

Use your TV remote to access the menu and select the channel scan or auto-tune function. The TV will scan for available channels and store them in its memory.

How to adjust the antenna?

If you aren’t receiving all the desired channels, try to reposition the antenna until you get the best signal strength.

Enjoy your new channels: With a good signal, you should be able to enjoy reception of your favorite channels without paying.

How much for the amplified indoor TV antenna?

Unit price USD4~5 depend on your QTY and cable length.

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