Wireless Noise-canceling Earphones

Enjoy the freedom to go further with ANC headphones. Whether you’re in noisy bus or subway, the ANC headphones isolates noise from our ears through noise reduction, those are truly wireless to compliment your active lifestyle. 

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Frequently Asked Question

It is the ability to protect the user’s hearing.

Active noise cancellation headphones choose high-performance acoustic driver, as well as leading multi-layer polymer crystal in line with the material diaphragm, can fully perform a thicker heavy bass, brighter and wider treble effect, and greatly reduce the acoustic distortion, to achieve high-fidelity sound.

The active noise reduction generates the reverse sound waves equal to the external noise through the noise reduction system to neutralize the noise, to achieve the effect of noise reduction.

Active noise cancellation subdivides into Feedforward ANC, Feedback ANC, and Hybrid ANC ( feedforward plus feedback). Generally speaking, adaptive ANC can be controlled digitally. However, under non-adaptive ANC can be divided into analog (analog) and digital ANC. In the early time, the DSP chip is not power. It does not support real-time complex calculations, etc. the market only analog ANC headset is to calculate the ANC controller with capacitors, inductors, resistors, and other components to achieve. Now with the rapid development of DSP chips, the ANC controller can be digitized.

As a business people, you will go business trip between different cities every day. If you have active noise-canceling headphones, that can get away from the noise on the way or cabin. But also be able to relax by enjoying music. 

A series of private model, good sound quality, deep noise reduction, long distance and Low power consumption.

In fact, as well as wearing headphones, wearing noise-canceling headphones is, in turn, beneficial to the inside of the ear.
If you are wearing general headphones, on traveling surrounding noise is rising and falling, it will always arise, and you will inadvertently turn the sound volume to very high. And the World Health Organization has issued a warning, headphones sound proposed in the following 60 percent suitable, otherwise, it is likely to be harmful to the inside of the ear. And noise-canceling headphones can maintain all regular applications without raising the volume of the situation.